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Truck Accidents

Representing Victims of Commercial Truck Accidents in Southern California

California has one of the busiest state economies in the country, and large commercial trucks play an integral role in the economic operations throughout California. These large vehicles are responsible for transporting billions of tons of cargo across the state and the country each year. While most drivers are accustomed to seeing tractor-trailers and large commercial trucks on California roads, it is vital for drivers to acknowledge the inherent dangers these vehicles can present to ordinary passenger cars.

When truck accidents happen, the resulting damage is very likely to eclipse the damages that often result from typical passenger vehicle accidents. A tractor-trailer with a full cargo load can weigh up to 40 tons and stands nearly 14 feet high, dwarfing the majority of other vehicles on the roads. When truck accidents happen, devastating injuries and economic losses are likely for every driver involved.

Perry Law can provide the legal representation you need when you or a loved one have suffered damages from a truck accident. Our team knows that these vehicle accident claims are often very difficult to navigate and typically raise complex questions of liability. No matter what your truck accident claim entails, you can rest assured that Perry Law will provide the meticulous and compassionate legal representation you will need to navigate your claim successfully.

Why Hire a California Truck Accident Lawyer?

Navigating the civil claim process after any vehicle accident is incredibly difficult without an attorney, but truck accidents in particular are especially challenging. These claims not only entail more substantial damages than most other vehicle accident claims, but also pose tough questions of liability. Often, the legal concept of “vicarious liability” comes into play, an issue that arises when one party bears fault for the actions of another. Working with an experienced California truck accident attorney is the best way to approach the complex details your truck accident claim likely entails.

Another important reason to hire a reliable legal team for a truck accident claim is maximizing your recovery. When most people experience vehicle accidents they can manage to calculate immediate damages such as their hospital bills, vehicle repair costs, and lost income from missing time at work. However, they often undervalue their claims until they obtain legal counsel. An experienced California truck accident attorney can help you determine the full scope of your claimable damages, which can include immediate and long-term medical expenses, lost income and lost earning capacity, and compensation for your pain and suffering. Ultimately, hiring an experienced lawyer is the best way to not only ensure you succeed with your truck accident claim but also maximize your compensation to the fullest extent possible under California law.

Determining Fault for a Truck Accident

Truck accidents can happen for many reasons. Some accidents implicate the truck driver as solely responsible while others can result from the shared liability of multiple parties. In the event a truck accident occurs because of the driver’s negligence, such as a serious error in handling their vehicle or driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, fault is likely to fall solely on the truck driver. However, vicarious liability can come into play if their employer is partially responsible for their actions. For example, if a truck driver caused an accident because of DUI, they would typically bear sole liability for any resulting damages. However, if their employer failed to conduct a background check that would have revealed past DUI offenses that should have precluded the driver from operating a commercial truck, the employer would likely face liability as well.

To succeed with your truck accident claim in California, you must not only identify the party responsible for your damages and prove the full extent of the damages they caused, but you must also prove that those damages would not have occurred if not for their negligence.Your California truck accident attorney can not only assist you in proving which party or parties bear liability for your recent truck accident but also ensure you secure the maximum level of compensation possible under California state law.

Comparative Negligence in California Vehicle Accident Claims

The concept of “comparative negligence” often arises in California vehicle accident claims, including truck accident cases. California enforces pure comparative negligence, meaning a plaintiff may still recover damages even when they bear partial liability for causing those damages. California’s pure comparative negligence law does not prohibit plaintiff recovery at any particular threshold of fault. It’s theoretically possible for a plaintiff to be 99% at fault and still recover 1% of their claimed damages. However, the higher the plaintiff’s fault percentage, the higher the likelihood of them facing a counterclaim from the defendant.

Your California truck accident attorney may be a crucial asset if the defendant in your claim attempts to assert comparative negligence to deflect blame for your damages. A good attorney will help you carefully review all available evidence to assist you in quelling any claims of comparative negligence and ensuring your recovery.

Recovering from Your Recent Truck Accident

The enormous size of most commercial trucks means that the majority of truck accident claims involve substantial damages, eclipsing the amount of damages claimed in most typical passenger vehicle accident cases. Your California truck accident lawyer will be a vital asset in securing compensation for your medical expenses, both immediate and future, lost income, lost earning potential, and your pain and suffering.

It is vital to work with an attorney who can help you explore every available avenue of compensation in your claim. While you may be able to easily calculate immediate damages like hospital bills and vehicle repair costs, an experienced attorney is the best resource for calculating more complex damages like lost earning capacity and pain and suffering.

Perry Law can provide the meticulous legal representation you will need to approach your truck accident claim with confidence. Our team understands how devastating a truck accident can be for a victim and their family, and our goal is to help our client approach their case with confidence and recover as wholly as possible. If you need legal assistance after a truck accident in Southern California, contact Perry Law today to schedule a case review with an experienced and compassionate California truck accident lawyer.

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